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I am an awakened Vampirologist and creator of the Wraitl Tradition, which is a form of Sjadu Witsku, or Revenant Magick or Shadow Magick pathway of Italy and other prehistoric places. I have been awakened for over 21+ years. I consider myself an Elder or leader of this pathway in Solitary Independent Form.

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  I don't just do whatever else does for their websites, which is the same old stuff for real vampyre websites. I cover things I am interested in as a vampyre, like how one would live 1300 - 16,000 years ago. Real symbols of the vampyre not just gothic jewelry. Cultures that featured Vampyres at the fore front. These are my studies. These are what we write about here. We're the only ones bothering to do so. I have lived countless lives and I want to share and study and compare where I have been to real time lines.


True Vampyre Studies:

Most people just want to showcase how vampires exist. I like to do more than that. I like to showcase how vampires have always lived.

Like how did we live 20K+ years ago? What symbols did we use? Where we nomadic? Did we have houses or clans or tribes?

 How did we handle daily life? I like History with my vampires, and shamanism/vampyrism. This is our Universitri aspect, we like to know where we been and how may affect how we may be going.



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