Wraitli Exbuis

Vampire Study and Research Centre


One of the great things about real life vampyrism and other lesser real lifestyle is the societies people come up with to represent their beings.

These are like college sororities, and they usually offer a chance to get out and network in the local area and events, create belief systems and become sometimes great havens of knowledge. However some societies do not do so well and end up becoming a media campaign. This below is a list we think societies should follow when  conducting their business with members.

  1. Never force members to do anything they don't want to do.
  2. Never force them to follow your rules if you don't follow them.
  3. Educate about why violence is wrong and why you should not self harm, harm others or animals or even fight with others rather than abandoning them online or offline.
  4. Do not post banishment or sin nomine notices via your facebook or other media public page. Looks like a cry for attention. It usually is a power trip - those who do this are not true leaders of the community or any other thing.
  5. Don't just think someone who wants to meet wants to be your vampire love slave.
  6. Respect others with respect, be quiet about it and leave the establishment if you can't.
  7. Realize there is a common etiquette among real vampyres/strigoi etc and if you are going to follow it do so rightly.
  8. Don't flirt or mess around with someone else's swan/donor/friend or vampire friend/crush or family member to steal them from so and so.
  9. Don't gossip and degrade others online or offline. Give an opinion.
  10. Be careful whom you associate with, if you want members and lower your standards for those members your group will suffer in the long run.
  11. Leave EGO ALONE. YOURS, ANOTHERS, ANYONE'S. Ego causes pain and the downfall of our culture and better beings.
  12. We promote ascension, transcending, transmutation, sacred life and meditation, we are noble beings that ride above our pasts, past lives and past selves for a more formal, brighter future, that is also noble.
  13. We celebrate the vampire nature, and we feel everyone should understand, know how to control the temper, inner will, wants/needs of their desires and spirit. If you don't, you won't succeed in the every aspect of life you wish too.


In Case of Support

If you find yourself in the midst of something you don't need or want, like a relationship or networking relationship, and you wish to leave it and its clear you can't or you will be harmed or hurt:

  1. Go to a local law enforcement and check into your options. Options are available for men or women of abusive living or domestic partnerships.
  2. Go to a local DFACS or other government agency and ask them for help.
  3. Go to a local shelter in the area.
  4. Do not return alone without law enforcement to the residence. Your partner may become forceful or mean and not allow you to leave the residence, law enforcement will make sure you leave with your belongings.
  5. If you are living in a communal or some haven and it is clear the "elders" are abusive, get out of the establishment as soon as possible. These people aren't elders, and are guessing at life, yours, theirs and "vampiric being". This is not how it's done, protect your life.
  6. Scars and wounds heal but you won't if you don't get away.

This is not tough love, it's abuse.

If your partner is mean, abusive and follows you everywhere and won't allow you to have friends or leave the house alone or what not.

Leave him, this is not "vampiric love" and even though it can be fun or sexy and mysterious you deserve better. Please understand this is not love and it is dangerous to be about someone this way.