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Inviting others to your site.

There will be several types of people you may want to invite to your website, here's how to do that.

Many websites or socials believe they are the only source of vampyrism you will ever need. Don't go anywhere else.

If you do you are a fraud, or a spammer. Many older forums and boards don't want to see your pages, sites or resources either, no matter how good they are. That's because they are frauds themselves.

Many vampyres and vampires do not want WE to exist. I speak the truth, I speak out on preying on others, and I don't support the swan lifestyle. So of course it is intimidating to them that we exist. I will exist regardless if they sin nomine, (which does not mean banish at all, it means to nominate for something good, usually sin nomine en grutelas, which was some sort of honor within one's society.. one would never use sin nomine in concordance with an evil misdeed.) banish me, or use some other word to try and get young people to realize or force them to believe I am a fake being. Not fake. Nobility here. 

The Vampire Community is not a healthy place to show case one's site, it will be judged, made fun of, and pooped on, then trolled. Your site may even be sent to the confines of or, and it can be challenging to learn why or how its there or how to get it removed.

Try to make a social media page on facebook or some other hang out site for it, not exactly vampire related and advertise it there. Create a store about it and sell vampire related items describing your spirituality. Build on wordpress and mirror your site somewhere else, is widely appreciated and used by serious authors. Distribute your material also on which has all sorts of topics, can get you previewed by serious authors of paranormal non fiction, as well as twitter and and other sources.

There really is not a Vampire Community online, most people have gone into hiding or have "retired". How can you retire from learning about what you are? As we grow, we advance. However, sanguinarians do not, and at some point the need to drink blood vanishes as they realize they are finally 50, have fat rolls and bags under their eyes.

  No longer cool Lost Boys and Dracula and Interview with the Vampire youngins... well darn, it didn't take for them, posers!

A List of People to stay away from

Disclaimer: I do not hate these people. But I know from past mistakes they don't like new people.

  1. Sanguinarius: Claims to have died, is a man however and not a female. Created the sanguinarian culture in some form (feeds on blood for no reason, lives like a vampire is supposed to do, has no idea why they want to drink blood) aka Elizabeth Hopka, also not a female, took over for sangi when she died, same person and man, also known as Nocturnal Pulse from possibly also the same as Jet.
  2. Lady Slinky: Sangivore and message board owner, not a friendly person, also not a real female.
  3. Lady CG: Runs smoke and mirrors, sanguine also, not a fan of anyone new.
  4. Memory and Dream: Psychic vampire, ran drink deeply and dream also known as Merticus from House AVA.
  5. Damian Daville: His Vampire Church website talks about Bio vampyrism which is energy vampyrism but on static energy such like stale rooms and air conditioning. It also talks about unclean shamanism and has an unfriendly forum, also known as JP Vanir and Berivonn Daerthled.
  6. Merticus, from House AVA, created and also The Voices of the Vampire Community as well as the Census poll. He appears to be supportive but is none other than Elshara Silverheart from the otherkin and starseed community, also known as Lono Vesperillo of
  7. JP Vanir: Will join any pagan and vampire themed community, well respected and appears to be supportive, but does not live in Ohio (once traced his address on google maps to a laundromat, don't think he lives there) is a bonafide weirdo, runs Temple UVUP which claims "Vampyrian" tradition and "Vegetarian Vampyrism".
  8. Damian Nightwalker: Is a co admin in some way of Temple UVUP and is the enforcer of Vanir himself, may also be Vanir Samhain aka JP Vanir, the Reverend of Temple UVUP since 2003. An over all ass. Best avoided.