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** The grave house used is for amusement purposes only due to most grave houses (Masoluems - house of the dead in latin) being a symbol of vampire meets. There are certain types of Mausoleos which were meet houses back in the times in which WE strives to protect the virtues of. No dead bodies were ever used within, and they were rather large and open to begin with, and when the vampires came to America, Grave houses had to be small because they did not understand the need or purpose for a large meeting house in the graveyards. More soon on its specific page. - They also had to be small because the building materials were not here or expensive.

The Facebook Vampyre Communal is an OPEN Independent news, links and blogging resource for anyone who celebrates Vampyric Nature and aspect. It celebrates, encourages games, cosplay, real life living, community, spirituality and well being, health news and discoveries, both ancient and new/modern.

Anyone can like, and contribute links to the Communal by posting on its' timeline.

Thanks for letting us know about your links and resources.

The Communal may sometimes contribute to or comment on Vampire community business, or links with an opinion or open advice. It is not meant to embaress or humiliate anyone who leads or whom believes the way they do.

We also seek to strive for unity in all things so if your vampire group has kicked you out feel free to seek safehaven in our communal or within our communal because we know sometimes you have to show people how to live correctly in order for there to be a change.

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