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What is a Real Vampire?

Vampire or Vampyre it does not really make a difference, tho due to community and spiritual standing, most real vampyres use the one with a y to differate between the one with an "I" the lifestyle version.

In the olden times, (pre 17th century - least 180K years ago) a Vampyre was an energy shaman who healed others and tasted their fluids to determine how far along others were in their change. Sometimes it could be determined by smell alone, and other times the vampyre gave a little of their own to aid the other in question. This is how rumors started that a vampyre could change someone else into a vampyre, because they would simply become like the other. This is considered bad practice due to a person's habits, because you can go either way if you are not a very mature being.

A Vampyre is a who not a what. A Vampyre is a Vampyre like Irish are Irish and Germans are German. They are simply the shaman who heals others as well as themselves by energy or elemental manipulation of the energy within or outside of their being. They are an energy form and entity. True form vampyrism aids a vampyre to change the outer form to that of the energy it consumes, hence why they consume it. Not only does energy flow from in and around, but it is siphoned within through the energy chakras and energy vortexes of the form. Energy is rawly processed and digested, as well as from the food and drink we consume. Anything veggie and fruit is good as well as clean meat like chicken and fish and turkey.

Tribes of different forms of Vampires like Moroi, Strigoi, Strejani, Strejos, Vollini and Volsci, Strinoi all lived amongst the Stregoni as well in Italy at different times of the Itlis period. (388K years ago), all of these are basically the same but settled in different parts of Italy. Italy in different parts has different customs and climates, different animals and different hunting and food consumption. They later migrated to Romania. (588K years ago bce) They stayed until about 58K years ago then left for Italy and some parts west of Romania and other parts south and then west to come to the N. Hemisphere. They called this place Eurasia as well. This was an over all land name. They called themselves Stri at this point they were mainly just spirit beings as an individual by then, Strigoi as a clan or tribe, because with others they goi, being with others helps them transcend and move on away from their past, however this transcendal process can also be done alone.


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