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Vampire Study and Research Centre

We are preparing to move off Facecrap (Facebook)

The cracked out facebook is not helping our social media pres.

We have sought blacker pastures. VAMPYRESCOMMUNAL.SPACE is becoming our social network away from the BS of facebook.

I am also looking for one place elsewhere, where vampires are known to congregate off the fb platform where we can have a community page.

Facebook is cracking down on pages that do not use its ad service, now that the data is "ours" we have to "use it". No Thanks!

You can also sign up for, you can also sign up through the alt. url at ;) Our groups there are like mini social websites and we know you will just love a site that has:

  1. Every group has a different status bar
  2. Hashtags
  3. @mentions
  4. Emoji
  5. Own Blogs
  6. Own photos
  7. Own music tracks and playlists like spotify
  8. Own videos and playlists like youtube
  9. Designable layout and cover
  10. Own events
  11. Own articles
  12. Own forums

We hope to see you there!

Ana Massien


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