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Retired the Facebook Page

I have retired the facebook page, and deleted it @RealVampires-VampyreCommunal, despite being very cool with facebook viewers (over 200 likes at some point) the audience coming to the page now is not what the communal was designed to be and with fb changing every day I did not want my works to be vi…

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Amino App / Desktop Dark Realms


Is our chat rooms, broadcast yourself, our wiki/blog and other items by phone/tablet app as well as desktop.

Looking for something like this on the web. Not yet really finding it.

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We are preparing to move off Facecrap (Facebook)

The cracked out facebook is not helping our social media pres.

We have sought blacker pastures. VAMPYRESCOMMUNAL.SPACE is becoming our social network away from the BS of facebook.

I am also looking for one place elsewhere, where vampires are known to congregate off the fb platform where we can ha…

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New Wiki

Our new wiki is hosted on wikia, mainly for fandoms but it allows other non fandoms as well.

What is a Real Vampire?

Vampire or Vampyre it does not really make a difference, tho due to community and spiritual standing, most real vampyres use the one with a y to differate between the one with an "I" the lifestyle version.

In the olden times, (pre 17th century - least 180K years ago) a Vampyre was an energy shama…

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