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Vampire Study and Research Centre

About DSS - Luna Academi

This page is under construction. We are working on the new luna academy website. You will be able to join the luna academy.

The Information below is our OLD Statements. Our new statements and things will soon be on this page.


Welcome to the Dataesa.Societias.Spirituis

The DSS is a satanist (atanist) Order that is the evolved version of Daenaric Satanism. This is also known as Asatra, not Asatru. Asatra is also known as Uti Shamanism, Warrior Valkerie stuff. WE are not associated with the current or old workings of LaVey or the modern Satanic Church or Temple. This is why we are reworking our temple, and our academy, we will also not use any logos the current CoS or Temple use.

We believe that Satan (Atan) is a force of good and neutral and is not a God or a power that holds sway over anyone. We are not evil, and we do not harm others in the name of revenge. We see Satan/Atan is an entity, a being of good dark and good light, good shadow that works in the best interest of all.

We treat others well. We act on Love. We believe love is what turns around our generation and we do so openly and without fault. WE give of ourselves when asked or when we know its needed, food, money, medicine, we know we can be the last ditch effort someone has before someone loses their faiths in everything or one. We are the light beacon, we are the light bearer and light house.

We have three symbols on our pentacle:


  1. Triangle : Ciestas: Is our unity symbol. There is strength in numbers. In brotherhood (female or male).


  1. Rock Pyramid Halves: Fiestas: We are aware we must eat well together and health is important, this is our festival symbol, we must live well, eat well and treat ourselves well as others.

Scorpio: Sorias: Is the scorpio zodiac sign. It represents the path of sorrow and solitude.

Our path is not an easy one, and we govern the selfless self. We must give even if it seems foolish.

A true Satanist, will never act blindly. They will not be pushed aside and if they must go they will not go alone.

We consider ourselves to be an open shaman, elemental and occult movement. Not LHP, Nor RHP, But HMP

(Heart Minded Path)

Daenaric satanism dates back to 855 MYA and even before that time. It was the first given spirituality, and was practiced by the Annunaki. (MYA= Million Years ago)

I can understand if you snort and don't believe me, but I have past lives and ascended dna I know what I know.

This path and road is a personal one, and we just simply are, we have no rule book, ritual purpose other than being our highest self, our selfless self.


The Highest law is to respect and give knowledge about things we know.

Blessedness to you.

In the future we will be changing the symbol we use which is also used by the Satanic Temple and CoS itself, we do not want to a front anyone, or anything. We will still use the Inverted pentagram and or Pentacle but ours will be double or tripled ringed. We will also use one of the symbols of the star goddesses or moon goddess, I've chosen to work with Andromeda in this instance. Link

Once we have our pentacles up and going online for symbols we will be making new shirts and decor with the symbols of the DSS so that people online who feel drawn to the DSS will know about our order, we will also probably make our own website on bravehost next month sep. from this one. In the meantime, online check out and also for our up and coming group.


What is the Purpose of the DSS?

What is the Purpose of the Revised DSS?

The Revised DSS works on dispelling mythos and providing truth.

We used to exist at least 380K years ago, and was one the temple universities or universitri's like Bacademica.

Our Mission at that time was to educate people about their being, their energy and their inner entity.

We were like a "dark, demonic otherkin energy school". They also taught spirituality -

we were the one God/Force or permitting force of our being.

We were taught how to grow our spirit being, how to use it, keep it centered, poised and to note special changes in the energy environment around us.

Many of us had visions of coming wars or times of prophecy.

  The Revised DSS seeks to promote the truth of our beings.

  1.  Do you feel called forth to note the ways of beings like yours?
  2. Are you a teacher or some other educator that seeks to teach others like yourself? (you have a wiki, blog, or website for membership, fb group or page, store or other?)
  3. You notice strange feelings in the air around you? Drawn to certain things about a certain place? (Zephyrs..)
  4. You feel more than just a vampyre, old one, old soul/spirit? You think you may have studied in a university like place and you were a guardian or other warrior?
  6. You abhor daily life, people, foods, places of trend, trendy clothes, makeup or jewelry, acceptable behavior or conformity?
  7.  You think wearing a pair of antlers on your head every day day after day would be awesome as well as black clothing, black everything or with moons on it?
  8. You hear the hidden meanings in words spoken and songs sung. You hear it backward and also in other context.
  9. The whistling wind in winter is a comfort, you can see into it and see how it guides you.
  10. You often go places where few others would dare to go.
  11. People describe you as "That lonely weird Girl/Guy over there" that "looks about 15 years of age".
  12. Your wiki and website and blog are bitchin' but no one joins because they know you live the only truth.
  13. You have bad mentality, psychosis, or other mental problem from the abuse of this realm and place.
  14. People think you are awesome, but also leave you the hell alone.

  There will be other things we are doing soon, and when we do them it will probably be listed on our own blog.