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You have to use your phone or tablet to set up the amino app through the acm manager

but once done you can create posts and chat via the web version of your group.

DARK REALMS For Occultists, Satanists, Dark/Sinister, Gothic/Vampire/Vampyre and otherkin people

GEORGIA PAGANS For the new georgia pagans group, for pagans in the state of georgia

My Social Media Hangouts

My Deviantart - Has my latest works on it, normally. Let me give you a Llama. <3

My Profile & Network! too!

My Instagram I never use it much, as its mainly mobile but I follow a ton of folks!

My Dark Pagans Account on Ning 3!

About Ana Massien

About Ana Massien

I am 47 yrs of age and I live in Georgia, USA.

I am an avid blogger and artist digital manipulation hobbyist.

I also create social communities in my spare time.

I have Fibro and RA and have been awakened for 21+ years now.

I have Strigoi ancestry. This means I am  actually Strigoi, which has dna in Germany, Ireland, Scotland, NZ and a few other places.

I am an elementalist. I feed on energy and energy in pranic fluids.

I am single and not seeking anything but friendship.


I am sorry if you are "put off" by my vampyre presence and you would like for it to go away. I can not hide my claws, like a Siamese cat I am the way that I am. I do not act overly vampyric irl, unless its halloween or I just feel like being cool as shit. Even if I could hide my claws, I wouldn't. I LIKE Being Like this! It protects me from idiots like you who have a problem. (Usually in yo pants, too)

I am not going to stop being strigoi and if I did most of you who have an issue would not be attracted anymore to my persona.

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