Wraitli Exbuis

Vampire Study and Research Centre

About Us

  Welcome to the History of Wraitli Exbuis. (Wray-tel Ex-e-bus)

We have been looking for a while for a new home, as we are originally from wordpress and spruz.

We started some time ago about 3-4 yrs ago as the spiritual state vampire alliance and then chose a name to which we think better suits our being. We are spiritual kind that gather, here on the forums (new) and hopefully some day irl at a meetup or something like other vampire groups do. The board/forum will most like point to either something I can intergrate here on bravenet sites or an off site forum like proboards. seeks to be a "club/Group" (.haven domains are not yet in existence) in which we provide networking needs, local events and meetups, and understanding of real life vampyre culture. We are not a house, haven, within a subculture but a culture itself, where we may hold pagan or heathenism values of our ways of life, living or spirituality. This is intended as a spiritual resource.

I am sorry if you believe we are strange and weird, but vampires are vampires like irish are irish or german are german.

We Will Not:

  1. Help you become a vampire, help you find a vampire, discuss anything regarding dogma, or religious prefs with you, each to their own.
  2. We will not converse with those under age 21. NO erotica present here and none needed this community is for research.
  3. We are not apart of the Vampire Community but do not mind if people come from there to check our site, welcome.
  4. We will not help you find blood sources or donors or swans. We dislike feeding on anyone, as we are elemental we feed only on energy sources - candles - elements - sacred space - natural foods and veggies and fruits and we transcend on the energy, it empowers our psychic abilities, hence why we are called psychic vampyres. We may every now and again feed from a vampyre friend or mate, but we dislike anything "Habitual" as it only causes more problems in the long run.
  5.   Feeding on animal blood of any sort is disgusting, and can cause problems in the body and mind, not to mention grow a complex of feeling like one is better than the animal kingdom.

  Our Media Presence:

On Facebook we run the RealVampires-Vampyre Communal, an open 21+ link directory, discussion and chat area. We will also have chat present here at some point and we are also on chat.

We are also still on wordpress at and I will slowly move things over from there to here or just link it.

We also offer our opinion about open works of the VC, if you public post information we feel should be corrected we will speak our opinion about it, and seek to de stress the issue as well as offer mediation as needed should it be requested.

I am Ana Massien and I am the Regenti of my Communal, our communal is a state resource page for elemental vampyres in the state of Georgia. You can pass on links, info and other relevant information, we are not aligned with any houses, orders, or covenants Internationally or Local but do not mind invites and affiliation with these sources.

Thanks for your interest in our Communal, come join us for a forum visit or a telegram chat.

We strive to have regular monthly chats via telegram, which you can download or use at We have not had a meeting yet lately but I will schedule one soon and invites will be posted via the blog.


(That sounds stupid.)

Well it was cheap - 1$ domain.

Cliat. Liaso. Universtri. Bio.

A Cliat (clee-at) is an early name for a clan of primal vampires.

A Liaso (Lie-as-o) is a Temple of Tantric/Tantris Lovers who feed from one another and live together.

Universtri is a university that learns the correct way of living as elder life and teaches the young.

Bio is a high elder clan or tribe where "life" has moved on.

Through our evolution, we are pleased to remember this about our aspects, nature and being and we hope you honor this about yourselves here with us as well.

Ana Massien

Eni Eti Jeru Regalis/Thegalis



(Dumb extension names)

Namecheap this time haha.

Xio = Pack of Nomadic Vampyres who hunt together (Usually evil people so they cane be done away with)

Yiatt = (Yi-at) a dwelling of underground communis vampyres who abhor the daylight world which is something all elemental vampyres will go through at some point.

Zion= Pinnacle of Vampyre elite awesomeness, recognized elders for their distinct traits and giving of their being to help others, especially young ones who may irritate the vampyre's patience.

More of the Vampyric alphabet some point in the future.





Vialis Los Nostri Noctum, Enstrucia.