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Welcome to the new blog home of Wraitli Exbuis, we are a real vampyre communal, research and study development blog. We are not "Competition" for other energy vampire or pranic vampire sites, socials and groups.

We are independent, open society where we document real living vampyrism and shamanic states of being. If you believe we are "Competition" and you are worried, you got serious ego problems with your dumb self and you need to leave. We don't cater to babies.

  Disclaimer: We do not cover lifestyling, this is about real spiritual living vampyrism or elementalism. Elementalism is a new term for describing what we like or prefer to feed on, which has little to do with pranic or even "flesh" vampyrism. Lifestyling is when people pretend to be, dress like or act like movie vampires, also known to some as "Cosplay", which may or may not even follow true Vampyre "creeds".

This site is intended for adults 21+ and up in your legal country where such spirituality is permitted.

Wraitl is a latin term for energy entity or spiritual being. Exbuis means "Gathering place", hence "Spiritual Ones Gathering Place."

We are not evil, and do not condone harming people, self or animals to partake of one's spiritual nature or being.

We do not dislike our being, we celebrate the Vampiric Nature of the being within.

If this frightens you, you should leave.

Use of this website and forum indicate you understand the above disclaimers.

Thank you for your interest!

Ana Massien &


Welcome to!

We hope you enjoy your stay at our centre, if you have any questions please let us know via the forums or disqus area.



NEWS: does not support the vampiric, pagan or alternative communities, so we were forced to update to a new registrar.

You can use either one.

Club is good for a year regardless of what Ionos states. But they locked my account and I could not transfer off their services.